Strategic Plan


Bolvadin  the Shool of Applied Sciences aims to be recognised as a leader in quality accounting and logistic education and research. In order to do this ;

We shall enable our students toobtain and advance their professional careers in public accountancy or in managerial positions in industry, government and non profit organizations. We shall excell in teaching and support a commitment to applied research and continuous professional development. We shall develop a work environment where school can develop professionally and academically”.


The School of Applied Science prepares students for professional careers in accounting, taxation and related fields. In all its endeavors, the department is dedicated to fostering academic excellence, moral leadership, professional responsibility and social awareness.

Values(Guiding Principles)


The School will:

        - Be student focussed and supportive of its staff,
        -Encourage professionalism and staff satisfaction through provision of opportunities for personal       development,
         -Maintain quality and uphold professional standards,
       - Ensure its student learning programmes are relevant and up-to-date,
         -Encourage and support staff research,
         -Encourage alternative modes of learning,
       -  Reinforce and promote the university’s strategic goals.

School Goals and Objectives

The School seeks to be recognised as a quality provider of education and research. It will attain this vision through realising goals and objectives in four key areas; relevance, student centered education, respect  and contribution to the profession  of our students.

Relevence. We develop and maintain educational programs that provide the practical experience, solid knowledge base, strong ethical foundation, and global perspective that enable our graduates to make immediate and valuable contributions as accounting professionals. We provide curricula that form the basis forlife-long commitment to intellectual development and professional growth and provide the technical competency to allow our graduates to be more competitive at work life.

Student-Centered.We convey to our students a conceptual understanding of accounting and taxation and its application to the functional areas of business, government and non-profit organizations. We enhance our student’s understanding of the interpretation and use of financial information for decision making in a constantly changing global economy. We instill in our students an understanding of the ethical responsibilities of accounting professionals and the moral dimension of business decisions. We help our students improve their interpersonal, critical thinking, and communication skills and enable them to utilize technology effectively.

Respect. We treat each other, and everyone we deal with, fairly and with dignity, respect, and compassion. We value and embrace different backgrounds, ideas, and contributions. We promote equal opportunity, empowerment, and a continuous learning environment. We reflect, in our work and demeanor, that we are educators obligated to carry out our responsibilities in a professional, courteous, and fair manner.

Professionalism. We take personal responsibility and accept accountability for achieving our Department’s goals effectively and efficiently. We continue to adhere to the highest standards of excellence and personal integrity in all our endeavors. We help our students develop a sense of professional and personal responsibility by providing opportunities for their interaction with the business community.