• It is believed in our university that a modern university consists of not only a good education, but also social events and our university is leading in this direction. During the academic year seminars, symposiums, conferences, panels and informal essays are organized.
  • Our university supports social, cultural and sports events which are formed by student clubs. Every year in May, university's traditional spring festival is organized. A big excitement is experienced during the fair, sport tournaments, fashion shows and the other shows.
  • In our university it is aimed to bring up versatile individuals and culture and art facilities are emphasized. The salons in Atatürk Culture Center, M. Rıza Çerçel Culture Center and the salons in our academic departments are used for these facilities. The salons have enough capacity and equipments for the students' and the lecturers' all kind of cultural and artistic activities. Our students can watch the films in cinema salons in Afyonkarahi̇sar, too. In all our campuses, there are sports facilities and our students can make sports there.
  • Our students can make sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, athleticism, gymnastics, step, mountain climbing, boxing, wrestling, taekwondo and karate. They can join the teams and tournaments.
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