• Afyon Kocatepe University has been organizing a lot of social and cultural activities to carry out a contemporary education. Social, cultural and sportive activities are supported by the university student clubs.
  • "Afyon University Student Clubs Directive" has been re-arranged. Establishment of new clubs has been continuing according to requests from students. Students state the rules of the club within "the principal procedures of student club at Afyon Kocatepe University ". Then Health, Culture and Sports Department complete the procedures of establishment.
  • Afyon Kocatepe University Student Clubs are:

    Technology Club
    Explorers Club
    History Club
    Computer Club
    Material Technologies Club
    Sociology Club
    Environment and Young TEMA Club
    Rock Club
    Business and Economics Club
    Tourism Club
    Folklore Club
    Photo Club
    Literature Club
    Aviation Club
    Kocatepe Mountain Search and Rescue Club
    Automobile and Motor Sports Club
    Turkish Community Club
    Chemistry Club
    Nature Club
    Mathematic Club
    Veterinary Food Hygienists Club
    Young Entrepreneurs Club
    Kocatepe Research and Development Club
    Horse-Riding Club
    Physics Club
    Chess Club
    Theatre Club
    Turkish World Club
    Construction Club
    Food Engineering Club
    Material Science Club
    Atatürk's Thought Club
    The Academy Club
    Erasmus Club
    Developing Professional Finance Club
    Classical Western Music Club
    Stock Market and Finance Club
    Mathematical Economics Club
    Cinema Club
    Academy Search and Rescue Club
    Young Volunteers Club
    Statistics Club
    International Trade Club
    Map Club
    Management Club
    Archaeology Club
    American Football Club
    Community Service Club
    Book Club
    Akademinik Club
    Health Club
    Scouting Club
    Jewelry Club
    Positive Thinking Club
    Open Ideas in Medicine Club
    Food Technology Club
    Marketing and Communication Club
    Turkish Medical Students International Committee Club
    Culture and Art Club
    Faculty of Medicine, Science and Research Club
    Governance and Politics Club
    Scientific Publications and Research Club
    Contemporary Youth Group
    Dynamic Youth Club
    Brain Research Club
    Financial Thinking Club
    Nanotechnology Club
    Clean Production Club
    Computer and Instructional Technology Club
    Econometrics Club
    Biology Club
    Machinery Club
    Philosophy Club
    ADA Dance Club
    Music Club
    Ecology and Geography Club
    Mehmet Akif Ersoy Thought Club
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