• Social, Cultural and sportive activities ar organized according to students' talent. When the students are registered, they fill in a form and they can prefer any activities they want and the students are given opportunities according to their preferences.
  • In Our university, the teams of theatre, step, dance and folk dance were assembled. They gave many performances, a sema group was formed with the eooperation of state- conservatory and Health, culture and sport department, and the Sema group gave performance.
  • The president of the student council and representatives of school collectively organized some fairs and exhibitions. A group of university student, the Kocatepe Group gave a lot of concerts at ceremonies and opening ceremonies and participated in celebrating parties of graduation of faculties and Vocational schools and tea parties.
  • Our university has been developing rapidly by attaching importance to institutions and subcase and new institutions were began to build.
  • One football pitch was completed and a stand for 500 persons, One open basketball and volleyball pitches and a canteen for staffs and students were put into service in Ali Çetinkaya Campus. In Sandıklı and Iscehisar vocational schools basketball and volleyball pitches were built.
  • Social, Cultural and Scientific Activities

  • Afyon Kocatepe University finished 2015-2016 academic year by organizing many kinds of cultural activities. Cultural and art activities attracted people last year. This year these activities will be attractive.
  • Announcaments